About us

ORQOA was founded in 2010 with the aim to approach the migrational oriental society in Austria and the LGBTIQ community and to fight strong prevailing prejudices and discrimination. We are the contact point for people who are harassed, isolated and discriminated because of their sexual orientation in the migrational-oriental culture.  

In many countries of the orient, homosexuality is a criminal offense - the punishment range from imprisonment and torture up to lifelong imprisonment or death penalty. But the authority does not only derive from the state. The intolerance towards people of the LGBTIQ Comunity is strongly established in people's minds. The repudiation of the family and the loss of "social skills" are the result. If these people have to flee, they are alone and on their own.

Life in exile is the last escape for these people far away from their families and their home countries. As refugees oft he LGBTIQ-Comunity they suffer from a doubled form of discrimination as refugees and are faced with the extremely complex issue of integration.

Therefore ORQOA tries to intervene on different levels to improve the situation of LGBTIQ-Asylum seekers and to help create a complete integration as our ultimate aim:

  • Networking and Public Relation: ORQOA puts it’s emphasis on building a network with NGOs, media and volunteers out oft he field of medicine/economy/justice and existing infrastructures and resources fort the cration of solutions and for being able to make use of help. With this network we create highest transparancy, collaboration and synnergyeffects in our internal work and the service for asylumseekers.
  • Individual support of LGBTIQ-asylum seekers: the creation and use of monitoring and Buddy services for the individual care and support of LGBTIQ-migrants. Creation of educational and social integrative institutions and events.
  • Aid to refugees through fundraiser: organisation of fundraising campaigns, flea markets, seminars, films, panel discussions and informational seminars to assist refugees financially here and abroad and to create more acceptance and tolerance.


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