Escape via Turkey
Most of our clients escape to Turkey hoping to receive a Visa for a secure country of the EU or USA/Canada from there.
But the struggle of these people unfortunately doesn’t end in Turkey. The shocking fact is that these people are exposed tot he force of state and their police and civilists. Their status as homosexuals cannot be denied or kept as a secret. They are being deported into remoted cities (mainly Eski Shahir, Kayseri, Nev Shahir, Nigdeh, Van, Ghazi Antep, Isparta) and provincial Villages of Turkey where they are confronted with radical-islamic and traditional attitudes. Half of our clients try to commit suicide because of their hopeless situation in turkey – many are confronted with severe physical violence, are being raped, starve, freeze, are homeless and are helpless against the arbitrariness and corruption of the police.

Our Clients in- and outside of Austria have suffered and survived unbelievables:

Psychological Violence: exclusion of the own family, exclusion of the friends, loss of work, loss of university place, homelessness, imprisonment, torture, murder trials, rape - many are already dying from the effects of torture and/or rape.

As they flee, in most cases in a cloak-and-dagger operation, they are completely destitute and the escape proves to be a big challenge. An accommodation needs to be found, there is a lack of warm clothes in winter, heating facilities, medicine, food, legal assistance and psychological support.
With your donation or sponsorship you can help these people. If you like to do so, please contact us personally.


For the period of one year you can take over a sponsorship for a LGBTIQ refugee.
With € 150,- per month one person can survive in turkey. Even a one-time donation or more effective regular financial support can help our clients over long waiting periods and precarious situations.

How does the sponsorship program work?

After you contacted us and we have verified your details you will receive anonymised information about our clients. You choose a person and we will (if you wish) provide the personal contact. As many of our clients have a very hard past, which continues you do not only to help him/her financially but also through personal contact with him/her - eg e-mails, telephone or letters. A sponsorship can also be held by more than one person!


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